Distortions Unlimited

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Distortions Unlimited Alien Death Prop

Alien Death Prop

One of the most realistic UFO aliens you will see. Sculpted by Jordu Schell, one of Hollywood's best F/X artists. You will have to see it to believe...


Distortions Unlimited Alien Prop

Alien Prop

UFO Alien, sculpted by Jordu Schell for the Travel Channel's Making Monsters show. Now you can own a copy of the gorgeous creation. Measures 68...


Distortions Unlimited Blood Thirsty (Animated) (Watch the Video!)

Blood Thirsty (Animated) (Watch the Video!)

Full body Vampiress, staked in the heart. Shakes and screams in agony. Foam-filled body with metal armature and heavy duty motor. All electric....


Distortions Unlimited Bones - Animated (Watch the Video!)

Bones - Animated (Watch the Video!)

Bones is coming out of his grave screaming....and he's not happy! Bones is an all electric animated prop of professional quality foam filled latex....


Distortions Unlimited Bowel Movement Animated Prop (Watch the Video!)

Bowel Movement Animated Prop (Watch the Video!)

Life-size quivering body has been gutted and his brain is exposed. Foam filled latex body. CD soundtrack is included. You provide CD player. Clothing...


Distortions Unlimited Buzz - Animated (Watch the Video!)

Buzz - Animated (Watch the Video!)

This condemned prisoner has attitude...taunting the crowd as the switch is thrown. You start the DVD player then push the switch at the right time....


Distortions Unlimited Buzz Saw (See Video)

Buzz Saw (See Video)

The huge spinning blade comes down with a loud meanacing BUZZZZZ. The hopeless victim screams, thrashes and kicks, as the blade rips into the gaping...


Distortions Unlimited Candyman (Animated) (Watch the Video!)

Candyman (Animated) (Watch the Video!)

The perfect greeter at your door! Shakes as he holds his hat full of candy. Foam-filled body with metal armature and heavy duty motor.All electric....


Distortions Unlimited Clinger Latex Prop

Clinger Latex Prop

This zombie has a hold on you and won't let go! Attach this foam filled zombie torso to your leg with hook & loop attached to prop and drag him along...


Distortions Unlimited Creeping Zombie

Creeping Zombie

Life-size, foam filled and hungry! Creeping Zombie looks as though the lower half of the body has been ripped away. Prop is 39 1/2"" long....


Distortions Unlimited Creepy Cathy Animated (Watch the Video!)

Creepy Cathy Animated (Watch the Video!)

This little zombie girl is coming to get you! She pivots at the waist while moaning and screaming! Made of foam filled latex and steel armature....


Distortions Unlimited Crotchety Rocking Grandpa (Watch the Video!)

Crotchety Rocking Grandpa (Watch the Video!)

He is one crotchety, old man. Put him in a rocking chair and he'll rock all night. Don't slam the screen door. CD soundtrack is included.110v...


Distortions Unlimited Cut off Ear

Cut off Ear

Full size latex cut off ear with blood and hair accents for the most realistic look possible.


Distortions Unlimited Cut Off Right Hand

Cut Off Right Hand

Very realistic flesh colored, cut off hand. Smooth severed end implies hand was chopped off with a sharp instrument.


Distortions Unlimited Dead and Deader (Watch the Video)

Dead and Deader (Watch the Video)

A beautiful woman is seen in her casket...the lid slowly closes..BANG- the lid flies open and the woman, now a hideous corpse, pops up. Program...


Distortions Unlimited Dead Man Rockin Animated Prop

Dead Man Rockin Animated Prop

Life-size dead man hangs from mouth and quivers. Foam filled body has internal chain and rigging point to hang him from. CD soundtrack included. Meat...


Distortions Unlimited Death Blow Animated Prop (Watch the Video)

Death Blow Animated Prop (Watch the Video)

This meditating monk suddenly comes to life as he lifts his head and then delivers a power blast of air directed at your guests. Deathblow is an...


Distortions Unlimited Die Ann

Die Ann

Street-clothed version of Nurse Payne. Wild organic movement at the waist. Extreme realism. Includes CD soundtrack and movement control. Requires AC...


Distortions Unlimited Electric Chair Kit

Electric Chair Kit

This is THE product for the home or professional haunter. Everything you need to turn your own regular chair and trash can into an amazing Hollywood...


Distortions Unlimited Enigma Latex Mask

Enigma Latex Mask

You won't believe your eyes! A full over-the-head latex mask of the real Enigma. Blue mask with jigsaw puzzle look all over. Just like the real guy!...


Distortions Unlimited Evil Jack (Watch the Video!)

Evil Jack (Watch the Video!)

'Dark', evil looking Jack in The Box. Rises to over 11ft. high! Jack bounces up and down and side to side with scary music and laughter. Perfect for...


Distortions Unlimited Flaming Cauldron

Flaming Cauldron

So real you can almost feel the heat. This incredible effect is not fire, but is an illusion that looks like real fire. 6 1/2ft tall cauldron...


Distortions Unlimited Flash - Rubber Wig - (Black or Yellow)

Flash - Rubber Wig - (Black or Yellow)

What a fashion statement. Way hip. Latex Wig Comes in black and yellow. Please specify color when ordering.These wigs are more suited for a child or...


Distortions Unlimited Fresh Meat Animated Prop

Fresh Meat Animated Prop

Quivering side of beef. Foam filled latex body has internal chain and rigging point to hang from. Very realistic and cast off a real side of beef....


Distortions Unlimited Frightmare


Full over-the-head zombie latex Mask


Distortions Unlimited Gaurdian Gargoyle

Gaurdian Gargoyle

Foam filled, flat backed latex prop. Stands approx. 3 ft. tall. Please email us before ordering to verify shipping charges.


Distortions Unlimited Giant Snake (16')

Giant Snake (16')

Foam filled latex with a posable metal rod. 16' long. This is one that will scare anyone. Special order. Please contact us before ordering to see...


Distortions Unlimited Hooked Helen Animated Prop

Hooked Helen Animated Prop

Life-size dead woman hangs from shoulder and quivers. Foam filled latex body has internal chain and rigging point to hang her from. CD soundtrack...


Distortions Unlimited Killer (Animated) (Watch the Video!)

Killer (Animated) (Watch the Video!)

He's wicked and slowly looks you up and down, waiting for the kill. Foam-filled body with metal armature and heavy duty motor.All electric....


Distortions Unlimited Laughing Hag Animated Prop (See Video!)

Laughing Hag Animated Prop (See Video!)

Hag rocks back and forth, laughing maniacally. Soundtrack CD included.You provide a chair and CD player. Arms can be positioned. All electric!...


Distortions Unlimited Laughing Man Animated Prop

Laughing Man Animated Prop

Life-sized animated prop depicts a creepy man who shakes with crazy laughter! Just the right prop to accent your haunted scene! Made of foam-filled...


Distortions Unlimited Lullaby Animated Prop (See Video!)

Lullaby Animated Prop (See Video!)

Ghostly mom and child rocks back and forth singing softly a lullaby. Unnerving! Soundtrack CD is included. You provide chair and CD player. All...


Distortions Unlimited Machine Gun Blaster (Watch the Video)

Machine Gun Blaster (Watch the Video)

This industrial quality device is intensely loud and effective. Includes pressure pad and sounds like a very loud machine gun. Optional motion sensor...


Distortions Unlimited Mad Dog (Animated) (Watch the Video!)

Mad Dog (Animated) (Watch the Video!)

Grrrrrr! Watch out for the Dog as he shakes and growls. Foam-filled body with metal armature and heavy duty motor.All electric. Chain not included....


Distortions Unlimited Old Slim

Old Slim

Mangy zombie dog. Over 4 ft. long. Foam filled latex


Distortions Unlimited Possessed Animated Prop (Watch the Video!)

Possessed Animated Prop (Watch the Video!)

She's possessed! Designed to lay on her back on floor or a table while she shakes violently while moaning and screaming. Soundtrack CD is included....


Distortions Unlimited Psycho Sam (Watch the Video!)

Psycho Sam (Watch the Video!)

Sam rocks slowly back and forth, maniacally talking to you and to the voices in his head. Intimidating! Soundtrack CD is included. You provide a...


Distortions Unlimited Rat Trap Animated (Watch the Video!)

Rat Trap Animated (Watch the Video!)

Monstrous, mutant, Rat flops and twists in the giant trap as it squeals. Over 4 feet long! Not for the squeamish! Foam filled latex with steel...


Distortions Unlimited Rocking Granny Animated (See Video!)

Rocking Granny Animated (See Video!)

She's funny! Grandma rocks back and forth, periodically muttering to herself, laughing, etc. Soundtrack CD is included. You provide a chair and CD...


Distortions Unlimited Scary Carrie

Scary Carrie

Don't turn your back on this ankle bitter! Designed to hang on walls or the ceiling or to lay on floor or bed. Light, highly durable and weather...


Distortions Unlimited Shake and Bake (Watch the Video)

Shake and Bake (Watch the Video)

Shake N Bake Movement in 2 phases : insane thrashing and high speed vibrating. Due to the violent movement, the chair is constructed out of entirely...


Distortions Unlimited Skull


White skull mask has hollowed out eyes and the mouth is wide open showing his yellow teeth.


Distortions Unlimited Snake Handler Animated Prop

Snake Handler Animated Prop

Life-sized foam-filled animated prop depicts a man holding two snakes with arms that appear covered with snake bites! His wide creepy grin and...


Distortions Unlimited Spooked Animated Prop (Watch the Video!)

Spooked Animated Prop (Watch the Video!)

Spooked is shaking in his shoes! Upper body has a metal armature which attaches to metal stand (making in appear as if he has legs). Arms ship in...


Distortions Unlimited The Intruder (See Video)

The Intruder (See Video)

Creepy sounds are heard and a shadow of someone lurking outside the window can be seen. When the switch is thrown, a startling blast of air blows the...


Distortions Unlimited The Shocker

The Shocker

Perfect to shock your patrons(not literally!). "High voltage" electrical equipment with a rotating beacon light is seen with the sound of crackling...


Distortions Unlimited Tortured (See Video)

Tortured (See Video)

One of our most startling and realistic pieces ever. Body has leather and studded fabric hood, real chains and all metal table. Body thrashes widly...


Distortions Unlimited Toxic Trickster

Toxic Trickster

Pops up with the throw of a switch or optional pressure pad/ motion detector. Includes fog machine, tape player, tape and amp. Requires A/C power and...


Distortions Unlimited Twisted- Animated (Watch the Video!)

Twisted- Animated (Watch the Video!)

Possessed girl screams as she cranks her head all the way around. OUCH! That's gotta hurt! Foam filled latex with steel armature. 110v required....


Distortions Unlimited Twitch - Animated (Watch the Video!)

Twitch - Animated (Watch the Video!)

This zombie's been ripped in half, but is still moving! He groans and moans, thrashing his head and spinal cord around. Disturbing! CD included 110v...


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